Central Florida is full of small cities and communities for every interest. If you are considering seeking out the perfect one for yourself, it may turn out to be a more daunting task than you imagined. Amy Ruff is a local realtor who makes it her business to know about all of the best Orlando area communities.

Many times, the type of home you are looking for will narrow down the community on its own. If you are longing for a waterfront home with a lake view, communities surrounding one of Central Florida’s many lakes will be the first place to look. There are also many communities based around Florida’s exceptional golf courses for those looking to live a cart ride from the green. Perhaps the location doesn’t matter as long as you are in the luxury estate of your dreams. For commuters, proximity to downtown Orlando would be a valuable advantage. Many communities even share many factors which, when combined, can create your ultimate atmosphere. Some qualities that many of the Orlando area communities share are:

  • Front Gates
  • 24 hour Security
  • Clubhouse
  • Pool
  • Tennis Courts

Amy is knowledgeable in the details such as the best school districts, communities that concentrate on safety, communities geared towards senior citizens, communities with the best amenities and areas that are most family friendly. The specifics of each Orlando area community can be difficult to find without experience in the area or a significant amount of research so before you spend your precious time searching, let Amy find you the perfect Orlando area community for your needs.