At this unique time in our history, foreclosures are not just a one in a million shot at getting a home for less than its potential price. In fact, buying foreclosures is now a very popular option for homebuyers, especially in Florida.

Getting a great house for far less than its traditional counterparts may seem too good to be true, and it can be if you are attempting to enter the transaction alone. Whether your Orlando area foreclosure is an investment or your future home, foreclosures can seem complicated and confusing. It may also be difficult to discern which homes are ready to live in and which are “fixer-uppers” hidden under a few well-placed coats of paint. In order to get the most home for your buck, it is absolutely necessary to find a realtor who is not only familiar with foreclosures but also the local market and area. In such a highly sought after area, foreclosures on good homes can turn into a war among bidders; the victor being the one with the best realtor, not the deepest pockets.

For those who don’t quite understand the foreclosure process for buyers, you will be dealing with the lender, not the previous owner. Lenders are not interested in owning real estate because of the money and maintenance involved. They will not, however, sell a home so quickly that they lose out on the potential value. Dealing with a corporation means paperwork and rules that you may not be familiar with. In order to shorten your waiting time and still get a good deal, allow Amy Ruff to use her well-earned expertise in getting you the best Orlando area foreclosure in town!